Price Update (and general update)

Hi everyone,

I have been quite busy this year, 2019 has been a year of new ventures, new adventures, and new friends round the world being made! I have been working this evening to not just add a new color(MANGO!) to the current product lines using 1000D Cordura™ fabric, so I felt it prudent to add a small blog post in addition.

As many of you who also live in California well know, prices on most things almost never go (down)… Running a business(even as a sole operator) costs money, and good materials are worth it, that’s why I choose to use them :-). Anyhow, over the past year I have decided to take the extra hit due to price increases on pretty much all raw goods I source to make SPG products, but also hardware, increased rent and utilities cost, etc. It all adds up; and in order to keep innovating the way I need to, a price increase is now mandatory, sadly.

My goal, with SPG, is to provide the best market-oriented products I can, using the best materials I can source to deliver a high quality, long-lasting product that will give you years and years of faithful service. Now with customers in over 25 countries worldwide(thank you all!), I still want to grow, expand, and with any growth, this will command extra resources.

So while this price increase might not effect all single products, those that have the most time involved with their construction will see a slight increase.

May you be blessed with good light and properly exposed photographs!

P.S. I am considering the addition of some photography/darkroom - themed swag/apparel. I have many ideas for t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, etc, but I am open to hearing YOUR ideas as well. Please send me an email through the Contact page with your ideas if you should have one/some.

God Bless,